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How do we calculate?
This calculator is a tool supported by the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Government as a general reference source, noting that the ACT Government is not responsible for the accuracy, currency, reliability or correctness of this tool.
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How we calculate

Calculations for the Impact Calculator are based on findings of a lifecycle analysis (LCA) of drink containers returned at Return and Earn return points across NSW. The LCA was conducted by Boyden, A., Berenyi, T. & Grant, T., (2022), Lifecycles Australia, with the final report provided on 14th July 2022.

The full report can be viewed here The LCA has been peer reviewed by an independent practitioner (Kyle O’Farrell, Envisage Works, 22 July 2022) as stated in ISO 14044 Clauses 6.1 and 6.2. The review has been performed to provide assurance of the credibility of the LCA and its results.

For every 1000 containers collected across ACT

Water savings

6686 litres

Energy savings

1151 megajoules

Landfill saving

68.9 kilograms

Carbon emissions avoided

145 kg of CO2e

Data sources

Average mass of eligible drink container = 68.9g. Source: Source: Boyden, A., Berenyi, T. & Grant, T., (p14, 2022)

Did you know all plastic and glass bottles you return are recycled into new containers right here in Australia? Source: Scheme Coordinator, Exchange for Change, More information:

It takes less water to make a recycled drink container than it does to make a new one with raw materials Source: Boyden, A., Berenyi, T. & Grant, T., (p22, 2022)

Making glass from recycled materials requires only 40% of the energy needed to make glass from new materials. Source: Cleanaway

Aluminium can be recycled endlessly without losing quality...much better than sitting in the ground and decomposing for centuries! Source: Scheme coordinator, Exchange for Change. More information:

Based on 2021 Snapshot of Australian Capital Territory Source:

Garbage truck capacity is based on an Australian rear lift truck with a payload capacity of 9.5 tonnes Source: