OzHarvest Donation Appeal

Our food and drink has a sticky problem that we can’t ignore: Waste. Fortunately, organisations like OzHarvest and the ACT Container Deposit Scheme are working hard to turn waste into resources that help the community and environment.

When you return your empty drink containers through the ACT Container Deposit Scheme, you can donate your refund to OzHarvest and support them as they save food from landfill and provide meals to people in need.

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How to donate

At a Pod or Point:

  1. Take your bag/s of drink containers to a Drop & Go Pod or Point
  2. Select donate on the screen.
  3. Choose OzHarvest (select the OzHarvest logo as pictured)
  4. Select the number of bags you have to donate.
  5. Grab your sticker/s and attach it to your bag/s.
  6. Place your bag in the bag drop zone or pod chute.

At a Cash-back Depot

  1. Take your drink containers to a Cash-back Depot.
  2. Look for the purple bin marked with an OzHarvest sticker located inside or out the front of the depot (as pictured)
  3. Place any containers you wish to donate loose inside the bin.

Reverse Vending Machines

  1. Update your Return-It Express account payout method to OzHarvest before visiting one of our RVM locations.
  2. Take your drink containers to a RVM.
  3. Scan your Return-It Express account QR code.
  4. Feed your containers into the chute.
  5. Once complete, press the ‘receipt’ button on the screen and your refund will be donated. 
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