New ACT Container Deposit Scheme Cash-back Depot opens in Belconnen

A new cash-back depot for the ACT Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) is now open in Belconnen, making returning eligible containers easier for residents of Canberra’s north west.

“The launch of a new depot in Belconnen is great news as we see participation in the ACT CDS continue to grow, with hundreds of thousands of containers being returned for recycling through the scheme each week,” said Danielle Smalley, CEO of Exchange for Change, the scheme coordinator.

“Currently 42% of Canberrans use the scheme, all helping reduce the amount of material ending up in landfill or as litter in our parks and waterways while being rewarded for their efforts with the 10c they receive for each eligible container.

“Community support for the scheme is also strong, with many using it as a way of earning extra pocket money, fundraising for their local school or sports group, or donating the proceeds to charity. The opening of the new Belconnen cash-back depot will make it even easier to participate, with a convenient new cash-back location for northside residents,” Ms Smalley added.

David Singh, Managing Director of Return-It – the ACT CDS network operator – said the ACT CDS is all about giving drink containers a second life.

“When you return your eligible containers, they are sorted and recycled. Glass is turned back into glass bottles or construction materials; plastic bottles are recycled into new bottles, textiles and pipes and aluminium recycled from cans end up in engine blocks and aeroplane wings.

“Return-It’s new cash-back depot in Belconnen is ideal for large quantities of drink containers and there are staff on hand to assist.

“The machines at Belconnen are connected to an ATM that provides cash back on the spot, or you can choose to donate your refund to your favourite community group or charity.” Mr Singh said.

The Belconnen cash-back depot is located at 12 Oatley Court, Belconnen and is now open to the public. Opening hours are 9am – 4pm Monday to Saturday and 9am – 3pm on Sundays and public holidays.

Under the scheme, residents can return eligible containers and receive 10 cents for each. More information is available on this website, including container eligibility, how and where to return, and to create an account.